Efek Headrush Gigboard

IDR 9,500,000.00


Compact design

With quad-core processor and exclusive Eleven HD Expanded DSP software

7-Inch touch display allows you to create and modify rigs by drag-and-dropping and wiping

Gapless preset switching with reverb and delay tail spillover

Integrated looper with 20 minutes recording time

Steel housing suitable for touring

6.35 mm jack guitar input

2x 6.35 mm TRS jack outputs

MIDI In and Out

USB port for connection to a computer

6.35 mm stereo jack Input for the FX loop

2x 6.35 mm jack inputs for external expression pedals

6.35 mm jack external amp output

6.35 mm headphone output

Dimensions (W x D x H): 32.92 x 22.56 x 6.71 cm

Weight: 3.24 kg

Power adapter included